Paris Hilton, an international fashion star, a DJ, plays music in the sandbox

Tonight, Paris Hilton will fling shapes and spin sounds with The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming virtual environment. Paris is an entrepreneur, an international fashion star, a DJ, and a Web3 early adopter, according to Paris.

Paris Hilton is partnering with The Sandbox.
Paris Hilton

During SXSW, Hilton will perform a special DJ set at The Sandbox's immersive metaverse experience in Austin. Paris, in the form of her voxel avatar, will entice her admirers to partake in all things fashion, music, and animals.

Hilton claims to be the world's highest-paid female DJ. The metaverse is where the NFT fan spent her most recent New Year's Eve. Her avatar, at least, did. "I'm very excited and privileged to be a part of this historic event for The Sandbox," Hilton added.

"I am a firm believer in the metaverse and the ways in which Web3 technologies enable producers, gamers, and artists. I'm proud to be a member of such an important movement and community. I'm excited for people to witness what incredible experiences The Sandbox and I bring to the metaverse."

Note that Hilton is ranked 7th on Fortune's list of the most powerful people in the world. Since early 2020, the NFT collector has been creating and collecting NFTs. She now has over 1500 NFTs in her collection.

She is a member of the Origin Protocol blockchain project as an advisor. With global superstars like Hilton entering the metaverse, it is hoped that the mainstream will follow in the footsteps of the icons they recognize into virtual worlds.

The Sandbox's CEO is Arthur Madrid. "For The Sandbox, this is an exciting time. Paris Hilton's involvement in The Sandbox metaverse signifies increased mainstream adoption as a worldwide recognized icon in music and fashion, as well as an early Web3 early adopter and entrepreneur.

The Sandbox is also looking forward to welcoming Paris' diverse fan base into the metaverse. We're excited to create fresh gamified experiences on Paris' LAND; be on the lookout for her new metaverse palace!"