Photoshop to Integrate NFT Verification

Adobe, the multinational computer company, announced it will add a feature called Content Credentials to allow non-fungible tokens (NFTs) creators to verify their work.

Photoshop to Integrate NFT Verification
Adobe NFT | Image: Optimisus

According to Adobe, NFT creators could use the feature in its apps. These apps include Photoshop, Behance, and Stock.

As per Adobe, Content Credentials will enable users to attach metadata to their work. This is because Adobe’s system aims to prevent fraud by identifying the creator of a work in a way that is verifiable and secure.

With this feature, digital artists can put their crypto addresses in their image’s metadata. By doing this, buyers can ensure that the address that minted the NFT is the same as the address that designed the collectible artwork. However, if the addresses are different, the images may have been copied by the minter.

Adobe will integrate Content Credentials in many of its applications, including its software Photoshop. Based on reports, the feature will be available as “Prepare as NFT” in the app beta version.