Playboy setting up a ‘MetaMansion’ in the metaverse

Playboy is collaborating with The Sandbox (SAND) to create Playboy's "MetaMansion" inside the metaverse, giving the party mansion's famous design a home in the virtual world.

Note that Playboy is an internationally renowned lifestyle brand.

In fact, as it continues to formulate a strategy around what fans refer to as the Web3, the media industry intends to introduce a virtual counterpart of the actual building on the metaverse platform known as The Sandbox.

The MetaMansion will include mini-games, social gatherings, planned events, and ongoing digital collectible releases, all of which will draw inspiration from the more than 70 years that the company has spent publishing.

With NFT collections, metaverse experiences, and a brand-new creative platform called Centerfold, the endeavor builds on Playboy's prior attempts to establish itself in the Web3 space next to cryptocurrencies.

Playboy's chief brand and strategy officer, Rachel Webber, said,

“We’re thrilled to work with The Sandbox and its best-in-class design and development team to build a premium, customized Playboy gaming and social experience in the metaverse. The opportunity to create that environment in a way that more people can step into now in a virtual space, and to do it in a really contemporary way is something that we’re really excited to bring to life.”

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