Polygon unveils new ZK-based identity solution

Polygon ID will assist users in passing Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification without disclosing sensitive data.

Polygon (MATIC) zero-knowledge proofs to cryptographically confirm a user’s identity without requiring them to share documents such as a passport or driver’s license with a third party.
Polygon (MATIC) | Image: Optimisus

Polygon has announced the debut of a new identity solution that prioritizes privacy. Polygon ID creates a digital identity without revealing users' personal information by employing zero-knowledge proofs.

Polygon ID introduces a new type of identification system

Polygon has disclosed that it is developing a new zero-knowledge proof-based identity solution that would allow users to validate their identities without disclosing sensitive personal information.

ZK-proofs will be used by the new Polygon ID service to cryptographically prove a user's identification without forcing them to exchange papers like a passport or driver's license with a third party.

Polygon ID is currently in development, with a full release expected for the third quarter of 2022.

Parties can show that information is truthful without giving any details other than a cryptographic proof using zero-knowledge proofs.

ZK-proofs have been used in several crypto projects due to their privacy-preserving qualities, most notably in privacy blockchains like Monero and Zcash.

In addition, ZK-proofs will be used to prove a user's identity for Know-Your-Customer verification using Polygon ID.

Previously, users had to provide personal documents each time they wanted to pass KYC, exposing them to additional risks each time they disclosed their identity.

Users can establish their identity on-chain using ZK-proofs instead than exposing their personal information to firms that require KYC with Polygon ID.

Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic said in a Tuesday press release,

“Polygon ID is private by default, offers on-chain verification and permissionless attestation. There is nothing in the digital identity space now that ticks all these boxes.”

He also mentioned how Polygon ID is an example of how zero-knowledge proofs and cryptography may aid in the improvement of data security in existing Web2 applications.

Polygon has identified various potential uses for its identity solution, in addition to KYC applications.

The creation of decentralized credit scores, player reputation profiles for Web3 games, and private, censorship-resistant peer-to-peer communication for social applications are all possible future applications.