Premier League to investigate clubs over suspicious crypto partnerships

Premier League will reportedly investigate growing links between the football clubs and cryptocurrency companies.

According to the Times reports, the Premier League has vowed to investigate the growing links between digital asset companies and clubs amid the lack of regulation in the crypto.

In addition, the heads of the league also noted on the other hand that they are considering a partnership with a crypto platform that offers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or digital collectibles.

Further, the league said that it worries supporters who are tempted to buy products using the new digital currency, hoping that its value may increase. Based on reports, there are also fears that many transactions are being made and that children are being tempted onto the platforms.

The news comes after Manchester City had made a cryptocurrency deal but put it on hold after people it came to light that none of the executives mentioned in the press release had any online presence. This gave ground to consideration about if or not the company exists.