Rick Ross wants cryptocurrency investors to show that they are wealthy

In a recent Instagram story that went viral, American hip-hop singer Rick Ross ruffled cryptocurrency investors' feathers by questioning whether or not they are genuinely wealthy.

Rick Ross

The rapper, who has five number one albums in the United States, is demanding to see some actual receipts.

"That's the thing about the boss, the metaverse, crypto, and how much money you're making. Where are you now? Demonstrate, "Ross remarked.

Twitter users, on the other hand, pointed out that tech millionaires do not always flaunt their wealth by throwing money on liabilities like pricey jewelry and cribs.

In a tweet, a cryptocurrency YouTuber joked,

"I met a man last week with Rick Ross' entire net worth in a single Metamask wallet."

A blockchain can also be used to track one's wealth, according to the Twitterati.

Some cryptocurrency supporters launched ad hominem attacks against the musician, criticizing his music.

Cryptocurrency billionaires are less likely to flaunt their wealth than rappers, who are known for promoting materialism through showy attire and jewelry. Instead, they opt to flex their non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which number in the millions.