Ripple lawyer calls out SEC to move case as swiftly as possible

Ripple’s top counsel Stuart Alderoty accuses the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for playing a “delay card” with Ripple.

He urged the regulator to move the case “as swiftly as possible” in a recent Twitter thread.

Alderoty's statement comes after SEC Chair Gary Gensler referred to the enforcement of laws using football metaphor on Twitter. In the Twitter, he mentions that teams would start breaking rules without the fear of punishment, which would make the game unfair.

Following this, Alderoty criticized the SEC for using “regulation by enforcement” to carry out charity, saying that it creates an unusual playing place that generates winners and losers.

Aside from this, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently criticized former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton for shifting to a pro-crypto after attempting to oppress the industry with the recent lawsuit against Ripple.

Recently, Ripple and the SEC filed a joint letter, requesting Judge Sarah Netburn to postpone the expert discovery deadline until next month on February 28, because of the worsening pandemic issues.

Note that the expert discovery is scheduled to happen on January 19. However, the judge is expected to approve the plea first. 8 expert witnesses are yet to be deposed due to traveling problems and unexpected personal issues. But, the postponement is not expected to affect any of the deadline in the case.