Russian media watchdog unblocks a crypto news website following allegations of money laundering

Roskomnadzor, the government agency in charge of Russia's mass media, has restored access to a famous Russian crypto news website., a Russian crypto-related news site, was recently blocked as a result of proceedings in a district court in which the company's representatives were not even summoned.

The outlet was able to persuade Russia's Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media to remove it from its blacklist, allowing it to reopen on Russian Federation territory on July 5, despite the fact that the site's editors stated that they would continue to fight the 'unfair' court verdict.

Last week, Roskomnadzor, as the agency is called, blocked access to the website for promoting "money laundering,' after adding an unspecified number of pages to a list of internet sites carrying content deemed illegal in the Russian Federation.

The decision to execute the measure was based on a verdict issued by the Volzhsky District Court of Saratov in a case filed by the local prosecutor's office in late March.

After analyzing the case without the media organization's owners present, the court decided to accept the prosecutor's motion a little less than a month later.

The URLs that caused the issues, some of which were from other websites, were concealed from public view. revealed that one of them is the address of its crypto exchange aggregator, and it made this information public.

It was also required to remove that page before the Russian media censor would allow Russian internet service providers to re-access the website.

Members of its staff have concluded that the four other connections indicated in the provincial court's decision are the addresses of other aggregators or crypto exchanges.

Despite this, the crypto media management intends to resolve the problem because it is adamant that the address was prohibited in breach of the legislation. was founded by Ivan Tikhonov, who stated, "We believe the court's judgment is unconstitutional and will seek its annulment."

Tikhonov revealed that the editorial board had decided to remove the aggregator page in order to keep the rest of the site operational during the proceedings.

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