Samsung opens a Discord server to support Web3 and NFT distributions in the United States

Samsung's US subsidiary announced Tuesday that it will build a new Discord server to promote its Web3 efforts, joining a long list of crypto projects that use the chat software for this purpose.

Samsung Web3 and NFT Discord

In a statement, Samsung stated, "The Samsung US Discord server is expressly built as a fun, interactive way for fans, gamers, and artists to communicate and enjoy unique access to products, events, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other Web3-based wonders."

Following the successful launches of Samsung 837X, its immersive metaverse experience in Decentraland, and Samsung Superstar Galaxy on Roblox, the firm said that its official Samsung US Discord server will activate on June 7 at 8:37am ET as a virtual destination to deepen connections with users and cultivate a community of creators.

The company also said that for the first 24 hours of June 7, early adopters of the Samsung US Discord server will get OG role access.

In addition, all fans will have the opportunity to be randomly selected for daily product giveaways in increments of 8, 3, 7 and then X. X will give Samsung an opportunity to keep fans guessing what’s to come, rewarding fans for ongoing engagement from June 7-10.

Samsung US added that it will also be a destination to participate in virtual versions of events happening at the physical Samsung 837 location and Samsung Odyssey gaming experiences.