SCOPE Art Show, Miami Art Festival Sells Tickets as NFTs

SCOPE Art Show, the Miami art festival, announced it sells VIP tickets as non-fungible (NFTs).

One of Miami’s largest art festivals is alleged to be the first festival to sell tickets as NFTs.

According to reports, Miami’s SCOPE Art Show teamed up with YellowHeart, a blockchain-based live event ticketing platform. Moreover, this partnership will enable SCOPE Miami to sell VIP tickets NFTs.

SCOPE founder Alexis Hubshman added,

“This unique set of minted tickets will feature exclusive editioned artwork by emerging and celebrated artists.”

In addition, YellowHeart, the blockchain platform built on the Polygon network strives to change the way tickets are sold. The company said it will create a more transparent ticket sale experience for buyers and sellers.

Regarding this, YellowHeart CEO Josh Katz said,

“Right now we’re dealing with a centralized, manipulated marketplace. This puts it into the open crypto and NFT marketplaces.”

During the interview, Katz said customers can purchase tickets using their credit card payments. But “it’s mostly in crypto,” he insisted. As per the reports, the tickets were on sale yesterday September 9. What is more, they feature 10 different artists, including Swoon, Saype, and Relm.