Sloth Tribe NFT is now live for minting

Sloth Tribe NFT, the non-fungible token that works as a membership card for a club of world-class NFT investors is live for minting today. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Sloth Tribe is a collection of 8,888 Sloths.

Sloth Tribe NFT minting is now live
Sloth Tribe NFT | Image: Optimisus

According to the firm website, owners can vote altogether to purchase sought-after NFTs such as Bored Apes, CryptoPunk, MeeBits, or any other with 100% of the royalties made from secondary sales going to the community wallet.

Furthermore, the team says that an original game of tribes behind it will allow holders to choose their favorite Sloth design, which comes in 3D or OG Pixel.

Expanding further, the sloths will be Metaverse ready and allow breeding a baby Sloth to produce passive income. What's more, the firm announced original treasure hunts and giveaways up to 6 figures that will be done every month.

Note that user's Sloth acts as a membership to the community and gives user access to the best utilities. Aside from this, the team added that fractional rare NFT ownership is what gives the Sloth Tribe NFT collection a unique utility.

Not to mention that 20 unique sloths will carry a redeemable treasure of 1 Ethereum each, according to the Sloth Tribe NFT roadmap. More so, 1 special sloth can unlock 100 million SHIB, Shiba Inu native token.