Streaming service in China Bilibili introduces NFTs for international buyers

Bilibili, a popular video streaming platform among China's Generation Z, unveiled a batch of Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for sale outside of China on Thursday.

The NFTs, according to Bilibili, will be a collection of auto-generated characters with various traits such as faces, clothing, skin tone, headwear, and items carried in the characters' hands.

Bilibili has commissioned CryptoNatty, an NFT marketplace, to issue the NFTs on its behalf.

Last December, Bilibili launched its NFT business, releasing four batches of "UPower chain" NFTs for the Chinese domestic market.

NFTs can only be traded in fiat currency, not a cryptocurrency, due to mainland China's crypto restriction.

Due to the authorities' rhetoric on "speculative" behavior, major Chinese tech businesses normally do not allow trading and ban NFT transmission.

Bilibili has been expanding its international video streaming branch in Thailand and the Philippines since 2020.

Bilibili will not say whether the NFT is related to the company's larger international objectives.