T-Mobile Hacker To Sale a Portion of The Data Stolen For 6 BTC

T-Mobile, a US telecom giant has endured a breach from its servers, leaking over 100 million customer data.

T-Mobile Hacker To Sale a Portion of The Data Stolen For 6 BTC
T-Mobile by allconnect

Motherboard reported that the data compromised holds T-Mobile customer’s Social Security numbers, names, addresses, and driver licenses. Also, reports say that the hacker is selling a part of the data containing 30 million social security numbers and driver’s licenses on a black market for 6 Bitcoin (BTC). This is worth about $287353.42 per BTC price at press time.

However, it is still unclear how the data was breached. Also, it seems like cybercriminals are exploiting T-Mobile systems. A couple of times, similar data breach events were recorded.

The crypto and blockchain industry also has been a victim of many hacks. Recently, cybercriminals exploited a vulnerability in Poly Network, a platform that looks to connect different blockchains so that they can work together.

This is known to be the biggest hack in the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The hacker stole over $600 million worth of crypto. However, it returned the assets stolen to the exchange.