Telegram introduces crypto payments through chat

With Telegram's newest feature, sending crypto is now as simple as sending a message.

The Open Network (TON), the messaging app's official wallet bot, is now accepting bitcoin payments.

The instant messaging service announced on Twitter on Wednesday that it would be bringing out crypto sending and receiving via TON Token.

Telegram is the first-ever messaging software to allow for rapid, safe, and hassle-free crypto payments, which is yet another innovation.

TON is launching a new bot that will allow Telegram's millions of users to make and receive cryptocurrency payments over conversation.

The best part is that transactions are completely free. Yes, you can make and receive cryptocurrency payments with no transaction costs while chatting.

Users must first download and install Telegram's Wallet bot in order to take advantage of this fantastic functionality.

Users can now buy cryptocurrency with their bank cards and then transfer or trade it to other wallets.

Crypto payments are almost instantaneous using TON. Users are not need to enter long wallet addresses or wait for confirmations.

By just selecting the Wallet button in the messaging app, users may send TON currency or BTC to others.

They can then transmit Bitcoin (BTC) or Toncoin to other users by clicking on the "Wallet" symbol in direct messaging, according to the startup.