Terra amends its revival strategy to increase the first token float to 30%.

In the latest update to its strategy to restore its reeling ecosystem, Terra has increased its initial token float.

Thetokens that are tradable upon issuance — from 15% to 30% for pre-attack Anchor Protocol UST stakers (aUST) and post-attack LUNA and UST holders.

Following community backlash, Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon's "Ecosystem Revival Plan 2" was updated at roughly 10 a.m. Hong Kong time on Friday to alter token allocation.

Wallets that had 10,000 LUNA or less before the attack – the exploit that led to the depegging — will have 30% of their holdings unlocked at the Terra network's launch, with the remaining 70% held in a two-year vesting term with a six-month cliff.

Small LUNA holders are now placed in similar liquidity profiles, which cover over 99 percent of all current LUNA wallets, which owned around 6.45% of the LUNA supply prior to the incident.

The post-attack UST distribution has been cut from 20% to 15%, with the remaining 5% being redistributed to the community pool, according to the proposed modification.

It also warned the community that UST or LUNA bridged off of Terra or using less identifiable Terra protocols might not be included in the pre-attack and post-attack snapshots.

Despite the revisions, many online community comments on Terra's proposal remain critical of Do Kwon's proposal to create a new blockchain.