Terra NFT marketplace trading increases despite UST collapse

Updated: 5 days ago

Terra's daily NFT trading volume increased to 3.1 million UST on Wednesday, up from 384,769 UST the day before.

Terra (LUNA)
Terra Luna | Image: Optimisus

Following the demise of Terra's stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) and its sister token LUNA, NFT (non-fungible token) projects based on Terra have experienced a significant increase in trading as astute traders seek to profit from price disparities.

According to data aggregator Flipside Crypto, the daily volume of NFT trading on major Terra marketplaces Random Earth, Knowhere, and Luart is at its highest level since March 1.

Terra's daily NFT volume was 3.1 million UST ($2.1 million) on May 11, up from 384,769 UST the day before.

On May 11, Random Earth and Knowhere saw their biggest trading volume days. Random Earth's volume soared to 438,665 LUNA ($485,263) after never exceeding 11,000 LUNA before, while Knowhere's volume hit 6,005 LUNA at the time of publication.

Galactic Punks, Hell Cats, Derby Stars, and Luna Bulls are among the most popular Terra NFT collections.

The fast repricing of NFTs, particularly on Random Earth, was noted by Twitter user @RyanBethencourt, who wondered if their worth would hold if Terra were to "sink into a death spiral."

Users of OnePlanet, another Terra NFT marketplace, turned to Discord to complain about transaction delays, claiming that the digital assets did not appear in their wallets immediately after the transaction was completed.

Those who didn't delist their NFTs in time were told that Discord moderators will look into it.