Tether confirms a denial-of-service (DDOS) attempt on tether.io

Tether's website has to go into "under assault mode" after a DDOS attack causes a 4000% increase in requests.

The Tether website, tether.io, is currently under a DDOS attack, according to Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino.

Early on Saturday morning, June 18, the number of queries for the website rose from 2,000 to 8,000,000 every five minutes. The graph below depicts the rise in requests.

Ardoino acknowledged that the "attack has been mitigated," but that they will "leave the 'I'm under attack mode' enabled" to reduce the possibility of further harm.

The additional security measure, according to the Tether CTO, "will have no impact on the ability to redeem."

"I'm under assault mode" is a Cloudflare DNS management function that defends websites from DDOS attacks by requiring users to complete an additional step in order to access the website.

This causes a brief delay for human users viewing the website using a conventional web browser while the browser completes a javascript challenge.

If the browser is unable to solve the challenge, the user may be asked to complete a captcha in order to access the website. DDOS assaults, on the other hand, are frequently carried out by remote servers placing demands on the website from outside of a browser.

These methods will fail the challenge request and, as a result, will be kicked before they even reach the server.

Cloudflare takes care of all the extra traffic, allowing the website to go about its business as usual.

Ardoino further acknowledged that the problem was caused by the fact that "the auto-scale takes a little time to adjust."

He's referring to the website's server's ability to scale up resources in response to an unanticipated surge in demand.

"It will be a long weekend," Paolo tweeted earlier on Saturday, although it's unlikely he intended it to be because of an attack on Tether's website.