The government of Ukraine launches a crypto donation website that accepts also FTX, Kuna, and more

Users around the world have sent about $48 million USD in cryptocurrency to government wallet addresses, accounting for around a quarter of the platform's $200 million targets.


The cryptocurrency exchanges FTX and Kuna, as well as the staking platform Everstake, have teamed up with Ukrainian government officials to develop a donation website for anyone who want to aid the country and its people.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine announced on Monday that the government had launched Aid for Ukraine, a platform that accepts donations in BTC, ETH, USDT, DOT, SOL, DOGE, XMR, ICX, and NEO "to support people in their fight for freedom."

Since February 24, Russia's military has started attacking several sections of the country.

At the time of publication, users had sent more than $48 million in cryptocurrency, accounting for around 24% of the platform's $200 million target.

The investments will be paid to Ukraine's National Bank and used to support the country's military forces and humanitarian relief programs with "ammunition and essentials."

Donations of various currencies in fiat currency to Ukraine's central bank are also accepted.

"Aid For Ukraine demonstrates how the global crypto community and traditional banking systems can collaborate," stated Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs. Adding to this, he notes,

"Crypto donations to the DAO are saved and managed on-chain, then transferred to FTX, a centralized exchange, where they are exchanged for fiat USD paid to the Ukrainian government via SWIFT."