TikTok Launches First Creator-Led NFTs With Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch, Curtis Roach

TikTok gets into the non-fungible token (NFT) space with a new collection featuring Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch, Curtis Roach, Brittany Broski, and others.

On September 30, the social media platform TikTok announced its 'Top Moments' — a new feature that enables creators to be appreciated and rewarded for their content. According to TikTok, the NFT will be available on Ethereum and powered by Immutable — a solution for the first carbon-neutral Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

In the statement, Tiktok NFT said that they are inspired by the creativity and innovation of the TikTok creator community. Based on this, they are exploring the world of NFTs as a new creator empowerment tool.

In addition, the firm said that TikTok NFTs allow creators to be rewarded for their content and for fans to own a significant moment on TikTok.

Expanding further, the social media platform said that TikTok Top Moments features a selection of 6 culturally significant TikTok videos from some of their most beloved creators. Each one-of-one NFT marks the impact of these creators.

The featured creators, famous for their content across the globe, are partnering with prominent NFT creators like COIN ARTIST, x0r, RTFKT, Grimes, and more, on limited edition NFTs. TikTok NFTs drop will begin October 6 as per the company.