Travelers now want to check hotels on Metaverse before making a reservation

Travelers planning a vacation now want to check out their accommodations in the metaverse first. They want to do it from home before committing. And please, please, please don't talk to them during their stay.

Travel in metaverse

Instead of making visitors crave social contact, crazy parties, and general depravity, the pandemic has had the opposite impact. In reality, it has transformed them into anti-social hibernating bears who only engage with robots.

Travelers also don't want any shocks, such as an actual human speaking to them, according to the latest Oracle Hospitality research. The survey shows that travelers have a severe dislike for humans. They do not want to be shaken by the prospect of interacting with other sentient beings.

In addition, the survey notes that tourists shudder at the notion of speaking with hotel workers. A whopping 73% of those polled want hotels to provide technology that allows them to have less contact with hotel employees. They also didn't want to interact with the other guests.

"Nearly three-quarters of tourists prefer to use their mobile device to manage their hotel experience, including checking in and out, paying, ordering food, and more," according to the research. This is fantastic news for hoteliers seeking technology to help them handle workforce shortages while maintaining guest engagement and service."

Daily room straightening is quickly becoming obsolete. Nobody likes staff handling their belongings. A little less than a quarter wanted their room cleaned every day, while the vast majority couldn't care less.

Travelers also desire personalized digital art in their rooms, which they may specify when booking.

Travelers desire a smooth transition, whether purchasing room service or signing up for a streaming service like Netflix.

"45% stated their top must-have throughout their stay is on-demand entertainment access that easily connects to their streaming or gaming accounts."

The survey also revealed that tourists want the business to lose its "touch."

Voice-activated controls for all in-room amenities are desired by 43% of respondents (lights, locks, curtains, temperature).