Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is Scared of Ethereum

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and also self-professed Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist said that disrupting “Big Tech” is exactly what’s needed and what he wants.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is Scared of Ethereum
Jack Dorsey image by Quartz (QZ)

In a series of discussions about the "account on Twitter to have a wallet address for storing NFTs," Jack Dorsey replied to some tweets. The Twitter CEO replied to Taylor, who retweeted a message saying, "this one thing that feels like would benefit the ETH ecosystem way more than it benefits Twitter."

In addition, the message that Taylor retweeted was talking about accounts on Twitter to have wallet addresses for storing NFTs. More so, the message also added that users could select any NFT in their wallet to use as their avatar.

Jack Dorsey on the other hand, replied to Taylor's retweet stating that he agreed with what he said and somehow every account on Twitter is being able to link to lighting wallet.

As the conversation continues, a Twitter user retweeted the exchange between Jack and Taylor. The account said,

"Big Tech is scared of #Ethereum. Ethereum disrupts Big Tech."

However, Jack Dorsey commented, "Disrupting 'Big Tech' is exactly what’s needed and what I want," adding that "No one technology alone will do that though." Moreover, he was referring to Ethereum, the second-largest crypto by market cap.

The discussion is far from being over as another account replied to Jack saying that he is on board with this sentiment. Further, he asked Jack "why the ETH hate then if there’s room for more than one piece to the puzzle?"

In addition, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey replied,

"Focus on one thing isn’t hate of the others. I’ve made my concerns known about others in comparison to Bitcoin. Key ones are founding principles, security, and centralization."

It seems like it is an unlimited conversation as the Twitter boss keeps replying to the crypto Twitter community, trying to clarify their doubts.

Another account asked Jack what would convince him of Ethereum having any kind of value. Jack then responded saying, that Ethereum has value to lots of people. "Just not what I’m focused on," said Jack.