Twitter NFT Community hits by another scam

The non-fungible token (NFT) community has become the victim of yet another phishing scam, with Zeneca, a prominent NFT influencer, as its most recent target.

Unaware individuals were duped into connecting their wallets by the stolen Twitter and Discord accounts, which linked to a bogus airdrop for the influencer's "Zen Academy Founders Pass."

The attack's damage is still an open question.

"Hey everyone wanted to do something special for the community so here I go!

I would like to announce the official release of the Zen Academy Founders Pass airdrop.

There will be 333 of these passes to start off. The lucky few that manage to get one (1/2)— - "(@Zeneca_33) July 19, 2022

Within minutes of the tweet being sent, users started marking Zeneca's account as compromised. Forty minutes after the attack, Twitter's head of consumer product marketing, Justin Tayler, locked down the account.

The NFT community has long been the subject of similar hacks, with Discord impersonations and frauds growing more prevalent.

Early in June, a Bored Ape Yacht Club Discord moderator's account was similarly hijacked, marking the most recent serious attack.

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