Twitter Shows Test Footage for NFT Profile Pictures

Twitter executive reveals test footage of verification tools for NFT profile pictures on his Twitter account.

Justin Taylor, Twitter’s head of consumer product marketing, released a video showing in-development tools for users who want to have a non-fungible token (NFT) profile picture.

A Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead at Twitter, Mada Aflak, recorded the video. In the video, she shows how users should proceed and change the photo for their profile pictures.

In addition, she shows an option to “Select NFT” that will emerge, enabling the user to connect a digital wallet from the famous Metamask or Coinbase or other wallets. After that, the users should select the NFT they want as a profile picture.

After selecting the picture as a profile, it will have a verification checkmark showing the blockchain to which the NFT belongs.

On top of the verified NFT profile pictures, users could also display other NFTs they have. There will be an option called the “Collectible,” which will locate between a user’s “Tweets & Replies,” “Media,” “Reactions,” and other activity on Twitter.

Last week, Twitter added a Bitcoin tipping feature, allowing influencers to receive tips in BTC. Specifically, Twitter users worldwide can now send and receive crypto payment.