Ukraine's Vice Prime Minister request for more crypto in a rap video

Ukraine's crypto rap song is ridiculously catchy. Bro, put your money towards peace. Put money into peace.

Crypto Rap Video
SCS from Ukraine Rap Video about crypto on YouTube

Everstake partners with Ukraine's Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation to develop a rap video. Mykhailo Fedorov invites crypto aficionados to donate to Aid For Ukraine in the rap.

Note that Everstake is a blockchain startup based in Ukraine. The company claims to be the blockchain industry's largest decentralized staking provider with 625,000 users.

In addition, the charitable organization generates donations for both military and humanitarian needs in Ukraine. It has so far raised approximately $60 million in several cryptocurrencies. First aid kits, ration packs, and protective jackets have cost $45 million.

Everstake, FTX, and Kuna, as well as Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation, are behind the effort.

"Peace comes at a cost," Everstake CEO Sergey Vasylchuk remarked, "but the first wave of gifts has subsided." Cryptocurrencies are free of red tape, making them the most effective option to deliver quick assistance.

Every cryptocurrency contribution, no matter how modest, is another nail in totalitarianism's coffin.

Aiding Ukraine in repelling the invasion is assisting us in liberating the free globe."

Everstake and its co-founders Sergey Vasylchuk and Yev Zaifert have also donated $10 million in cryptocurrency. Individually, Yev Zaifert gave $9 million.

They also contributed to other projects. This comprises the Kyiv School of Economics' charitable foundation.

Bickerstaff.734, a Kyiv-based creative agency, created the rap video. "People rarely think about peace as an investment," said Ilia Anufreinko, their creative director.

However, if there is no peace, you won't be able to pump your Lamborghini or start an alpaca farm. We hope it will stand out and attract more bitcoin donations because it is a highly unconventional PR campaign."