Venezuelans to get Axie Infinity scholarships

A candidate for governor from Venezuela has vowed to provide scholarships for residents who want to join the Technical Training Center for Mining and Administration of Digital Crypto Assets.

José Alejandro Terán, the governor who represents the country’s ruling party, began the initiative as a part of the La Guaira Digital program. The program aims to fast-track growth and influence economic stability in the country.

In addition, Terán’s training center will offer specific training to the scholarship holders in trading, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto mining.

Moving further, the report says that 4 companies, including Axie Infinity Academy, the National Superintendence of Cryptoassets (SUNACRIP), the political group Independientes con Terán and the youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPsuv) will support the move.

Moreover, the candidate for governor says,

“I feel that by helping young people build multiple sources we ensure economic stability for their families. 1000 jobs in a year, write it down!”

According to Terán, the training, powered by Axie Infinity academy will cover the installation and repair of networks and mining equipment, and crypto trading. Note that based on Chainalysis reports, Venezuela is the 7th country in the Global Crypto Adoption Index.