Viral Video of Salsa Dancing Flamingo Goes on Sale As NFT

The viral video of 'Dr. Travel Salsa Dancing with a flamingo in Aruba' that became a meme and has been viewed over 100,000,000 times across social media went on auction as a non-fungible token.

The Salsa Dancing Flamingo NFT is a unique NFT to go on sale on NFT marketplace

The Salsa Dancing Flamingo NFT is a unique NFT
Salsa Dancing Flamingo NFT | Image: YouTube

Reports say that the upbeat background salsa music was reproduced particularly for the NFT in partnership with a group of musicians and writers coming from both Mexico and Colombia.

According to the team behind the work, the NFT Pixel Project said it will be sending an NFT coin from their limited edition 1,111 coin collection to everyone who places a successful offer once the auction goes live on September 30.

What's more, the coins will be transferred once the sale ends. But maximum 1 coin per bidder or person.

On top of that, these coins are currently selling or reselling between $200-$2500 per coin on MakersPlace — an NFT marketplace that allows users to discover, collect and invest in digital collectible artworks.

More so, as a community, they filled the canvas of 1 Million pixels on May 13, including more than 1,000 talented artists in over 30 countries.