What to Expect From Cardano Smart Contracts, Alonzo Mainnet Upgrade

The wait is finally over. Yesterday September 12, Cardano’s Alonzo upgrade went live on the mainnet.

After many years of hard work, Cardano now has smart contracts to further reinforce its ecosystem. Here’s what can be expected.

Cardano Alonzo is now live on the mainnet. What is more, it means that the network now supports smart contracts. With this, it allows various companies and projects to build and deploy their protocols right on Cardano.

As mentioned many times, Plutus is what people should remember when talking about Cardano smart contracts. Plutus is the structure that defines the parameters of the extended UTXO model.

Aside from this, the team added that it provides unique benefits over different accounting models.

Even more, the Plutus Application Framework (PAF) gives access to apps and services that work on the network.

However, the rollout wasn’t without its hiccups as it is just mentioned that it has a fundamental concurrency within the structural design of Cardano’s smart contract capabilities.

As a result, multiple users can’t communicate with a protocol simultaneously. Following this, Input Output explained Cardano’s EUTXO approach to smart contract execution and how it offers greater security in a blog.