World champion Paul Pogba partners with Cryptodragons NFT platform

After making history by selling one of the dragons for 35 ETH just seconds after the reservation began on November 7, CryptoDragons NFT announced a partnership with football superstar Paul Pogba.

World champion Paul Pogba partners with Cryptodragons NFT platform
Cryptodragons NFT | Image: Cryptodragons NFT

Based on the NFT platform website, the NFT called “Father of Dragons is here” features Paul Pogba and the next available reservation date is set for November 21, 12 PM EST on

The football star also shared the news through a video shared on his social media pages. In the video Pogba says,

"Father of Dragons is here! I am happy to announce our partnership with Cryptodragons NFT - the NFT champion. Can’t wait to get my first ever NFT - an Egg with a Dragon inside."

Note that many world records were set at once during the first round of the CryptoDragons NFT Еggs Reservation. Notably, CryptoDragons NFT Legendary Egg sold for 35 ETH in less than 10 seconds when the first batch of 500 NFT Eggs was sold out.

For instance, CryptoDragons is a dragon Metaverse built on an Ethereum blockchain where you can battle, breed, purchase, and trade NFT dragons. Besides, the network produces high-quality non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using exclusive, advanced algorithms, resulting in creative digital art.