Xiaomi India Shows Interest in the Cryptocurrency Space

Xiaomi India managing director Manu Jain said that cryptocurrency is an “extremely interesting” industry that works “exceptionally well.”

Xiaomi India shows interest in crypto space
Xiaomi India | Image: TechPP

Xiaomi India, the branch of the major mobile phone producer, shows interest in the crypto space. However, it wants clarity from the government regarding digital assets.

During an interview with local news, the company's managing director, Manu Jain, said they want to wait for all the crypto regulations.

Speaking of crypto, Jain stressed that the crypto industry is "extremely interesting," adding that it is the biggest buzzword and is doing exceptionally well. "But, we would want to understand more on the regulation side.,” says Jain.

For instance, India is reportedly Xiaomi’s biggest market outside China. However, neither country is friendly toward crypto. Lately, the Chinese government is going too hard on the crypto industry. On the other hand, the Indian crypto industry is still uncertain.

Last week, the mobile provider Xiaomi denied getting involved in an effort by a Portuguese Xiaomi shop to start accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments.