You can now buy exotic and luxury cars using Shiba Inu tokens

The popular memecoin Shiba Inu (SHIB) keeps surprising the crypto community as it raises the bar for new momentum in its spotlight.

You can now buy exotic cars using Shiba Inu tokens
Lambo | Image: Motor Authority

On November 21, Vegas Auto Gallery announced that they are now accepting SHIB payment for all their exotic and luxury vehicles, including Bugatti, Lambo among many others.

According to the statement, Shiba holders can go cashless and pay for their interested luxurious cars with SHIB starting today. Surprisingly, the Vegas Auto Gallery stated that accepting SHIB payment for their products has been their goal for a long-time.

More so, Vegas Auto Gallery shared the news with its Twitter followers and said that they are proudly happy to have covered such a milestone.

Note that aside from SHIB, Vegas Auto Gallery is also accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In other words, it also accepts many other digital assets available in the market as means of its payment. As a result, this is a good sign for all the Shiba Inu community.