YouTube Deletes and Restores Famous Bitcoin YouTuber

YouTube removed one of the famous Bitcoin YouTuber Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano with 251,000+ subscribers on his channel before restoring it again.

On October 11, Pompliano — a Bitcoin (BTC) bull known for his interviews educating skeptics and others on crypto took it to Twitter to share the news with his followers. Pomp said that he received emails from YouTube that his recent interview with stock-to-flow model creator PlanB encouraged was part of the “illegal activities” policies.

On that day, Pompliano’s YouTube channel was unavailable for about 2 hours before being restored with all his videos and the same subscribers and views.

In addition, Pomp said he received 2 emails from YouTube, saying that his content, an interview on Bitcoin, was harmful and dangerous. But first, YouTube said that he would get a strike, but then he directly received a second email that the channel was deleted.

According to Pomp, he didn't get any strikes and hasn't violated YouTube’s community guidelines, which required 3 strikes within 90 days before permanently removing a channel.

In reaction to YouTube's action towards crypto channels, the crypto community said that decentralization could solve this issue. Can this mean something similar to YouTube coming up from the crypto industry soon?